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Various Categories of Commercial Wall Coverings

All commercial wallpapers are manufactured to at least meet or even surpass the minimum required performance and physical standards that have been set within the federal guidelines. Wallpaper Warehouse knows this.

Federal guidelines on commercial wallpaper focus on requirement such as abrasion resistance, flammability, tear strength, scrubbability, washability and stain resistance. This is essential in that it makes the wallpapers easy and safe to use by the building occupants.

Below are various types of wallpapers suitable for commercial settings.

Acoustical Wallcoverings

This category is designed for application on vertical surfaces, operable walls, panels, or any other area that requires an acute reduction of noise. These coverings are made of olefin fibers and human-made polyester and must be tested for noise and sound absorption after which they are given a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) Rating.

This rating denotes the amount of noise or sound that can penetrate through the wall, as such, the higher the number, the, more the noise absorption. Acoustical wall coverings are best suited for use in offices, theaters, meeting rooms, elevator lobbies, and corridors.

Fabric Backed Vinyl

This comes in either a non-woven synthetic substrate or a woven fabric substrate. In both cases, the substrate will be laminated to a thick vinyl decorative surface.

It is further categorized into various types, which include light-duty vinyl, suitable for use in hospital patient rooms, office, and hotel rooms, and medium-duty vinyl, which is ideal for use in public and high traffic areas such as classrooms, hospital wards, offices, lounges, corridors, and foyers.

Natural Textile Wall Coverings

Often, this category is laminated to a paper or acrylic backing to prevent the adhesive coming through to the surface, and also to enhance dimensional stability of the wallpaper.

They are constructed of only natural fibers and are available in various widths. Depending on the desired look the natural wall covering can be made of smooth or coarse texture.

Synthetic Polyolefin Textile Coverings

This is available in woven and non-woven appearance options and was developed with the goal of achieving the aesthetic appearance of a natural textile while at the same time adding value to the material by increasing stain and abrasion resistance.

It is advisable to put them up with a paper or acrylic backing. They contain polyolefin yarns, which originate from polymers or copolymers of propylene.

Cork and Cork Veneer Wallpapers

Veneer wallpaper

This unique option has a variegated texture with no particular design or pattern to it. Often, cork veneers are shaved from cork blocks or planks and then laminated to a substrate that can either be plain or colored. They are preferred due to their affordability and functionality particularly to retail outlets and restaurants.

Before making a commitment and purchasing a huge roll of wall covering, it is always ideal to purchase a sample first. Pin or tape the sample in the area where you plan to install the wallpaper and see how the paper suits your requirements.

Since the light duration and proximity changes throughout the day, ensure to stay with the paper at least for a couple of days before making a decision.

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