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20 Beach Maternity Photography Tips You Must Follow

Beach photography for maternity is a sublime art form that encapsulates the elegance and beauty of impending motherhood against the backdrop of nature’s splendor. The enchanting setting of a beach, with its vast expanse of sand and the endless sea, provides a tranquil and picturesque platform for capturing the magical journey of pregnancy.

This article aims to provide 20 vital tips that will empower you to immortalize these precious moments in an ethereal beach setting successfully. Embrace the opportunity to make these fleeting moments eternal and learn how to highlight the wonder of life’s greatest miracle. Keep reading to discover the secrets of creating stunning and memorable maternity beach photographs.

20 Beach Photography Tips For Maternity

Many factors contribute to the success of a maternity beach photoshoot. Each element plays a crucial role in creating timeless and breathtaking images, from location selection to camera settings. The following are 20 tips to guide you toward capturing stunning maternity photographs on the beach.

Golden Hour Lighting:

The Golden Hour, that magical window of time shortly after sunrise or before sunset, provides lighting conditions photographers dream of. This soft, warm, and diffused light can transform any type of photography into an ethereal work of art. The golden hour’s flattering light minimizes harsh shadows and highlights the natural glow of motherhood, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere in your photos.

Furthermore, the enchanting colors accompanying this hour – oranges, pinks, and purples – add an element of drama and spectacle that enhances the beauty of the expecting mother against the vastness of the beach. Therefore, capitalizing on this perfect lighting condition can significantly elevate the aesthetics and emotional depth of your maternity beach photographs.

Choice of Beach:

Choosing the right beach for the maternity photoshoot is equally important. Consider the beach’s aesthetics- the sand’s color and texture, the water’s clarity, and unique features such as rock formations, piers, or dunes that can add a distinctive touch to your photos. Keep in mind the accessibility and safety of the location, ensuring it’s easy for the expecting mother to reach and navigate.

Additionally, consider the beach’s popularity and the time of your shoot. An overly crowded beach might not provide the tranquility and privacy ideal for a maternity shoot. Therefore, opt for less visited beaches or schedule your shoot during off-peak hours. Finally, assess the beach’s orientation to ensure it aligns with the sunrise or sunset for the perfect golden hour photography. Choosing the right beach can reinforce the calm, serene, and magical atmosphere integral to successful maternity beach photography.

Wardrobe Selection:

When planning a maternity photoshoot at the beach, it’s important to choose comfortable and visually appealing outfits that complement the natural surroundings. Flowing dresses in soft, neutral colors or pastels can create a harmonious blend with the ocean and sky. Maternity bikinis or swimsuits are also a stunning option for showcasing the baby bump. Accessories like hats, jewelry, or shawls can add a personal touch without taking away from the main focus. In colder weather, cozy knits in earth tones can contrast beautifully with the blue sea and sky. Always prioritize the mother’s comfort when selecting the wardrobe for a beach maternity photoshoot.

Pose Variety:

Experimenting with various poses can create dynamic and captivating maternity beach photographs. Here are some suggestions:

  • Natural and Relaxed Poses: Encourage the mother-to-be to walk along the shoreline, play with the sand, or gaze into the distance. These candid shots capture authentic moments and emotions.
  • Focused on the Belly: Highlight the baby bump by having the expecting mother gently cradle her belly. It creates a heartwarming image emphasizing the intimate bond between mother and unborn child.
  • Lying Down: Lying down poses on the sand can be comfortable for the expectant mother and offer a unique perspective. Use props like a beach blanket or scarf for added visual interest.
  • Interactions with Partner or Siblings: If the future mom is not alone, involve the partner or siblings in the photo shoot. These interactions can produce emotional images that portray a family’s joyful anticipation of the new arrival.
  • Silhouettes: Utilize the setting sun to create stunning silhouettes of the expectant mother against the colorful sky. This artistic approach can result in dramatic and poignant photographs.

Incorporating Natural Elements:

Incorporating the natural elements present at the beach can add a profound depth and authenticity to your maternity beach photographs. Use the sand, sea, sky, and other natural features to create a captivating visual narrative.

  • Sand: The texture and color of sand can serve as a beautiful contrast to the expecting mother. Consider close-up shots of hands or feet buried in the sand, or incorporate sand into playful actions, like drawing hearts or baby names.
  • Sea: With its endless expanse and rhythmic waves, the sea lends a serene backdrop to your photographs. Position the mother-to-be close to the waterline, capturing the interaction between her and the coming and falling waves. Or consider partially submerged shots that can be incredibly striking.
  • Sky: A clear blue sky or a dramatic sunset can add beautiful colors and drama to your images. Use it as a backdrop or have the expecting mother look towards the sky for a dreamy effect.
  • Natural Features: If the beach has palm trees, rocky outcrops, a pier, or dunes, use them creatively in your composition. These features can add depth and visual interest to your images.

Candid Moments:

Capturing candid moments showcases the authenticity and raw emotions of the expecting mother during the photoshoot. Here’s how:

  • Natural Interactions: Encourage spontaneous actions like laughter, beach exploration, and affectionate gestures towards the baby bump. These unposed moments evoke genuine emotions, resulting in compelling photographs.
  • Observation: Look out for precious, unplanned moments that make the best photographs, like reactions to waves, thoughtful gazes, or tender interactions with a partner.
  • Comfort and Trust: Ensure the mother-to-be feels safe and relaxed. Building trust is key to capturing intimate frames.
  • Storytelling: Use creativity to tell a unique motherhood journey, capturing the anticipation, joy, and love of this special period.

Composition Techniques:

Mastering composition techniques can significantly enhance the aesthetic quality of your maternity beach photos. Here are some tips:

  • Rule of Thirds: Divide your frame into a 3×3 grid and place your subject along these lines or at their intersections. This creates balanced and visually appealing images. For beach maternity shoots, consider placing the expecting mother off-center, with the beach or ocean occupying two-thirds of the frame.
  • Leading Lines: Look for natural lines on the beach – shoreline, waves, pier, or shadows – and use them to guide the viewer’s eye towards the expecting mother. This adds depth and perspective to your images.
  • Symmetry and Reflections: Calm water bodies on the beach offer opportunities for beautiful reflections. Utilize symmetry to create dramatic and captivating images.
  • Framing: Use natural elements like palm trees, rocks, or the horizon to frame the expecting mother. This draws attention to the main subject and adds depth to the image.
  • Perspective: Experiment with different angles and perspectives. Shooting from a low angle with the expecting mother against the sky can result in powerful and striking images. Aerial shots, if possible, provide an unusual and exciting perspective.
  • Negative Space: Utilize the expansive sky or sea as negative space in your composition. This focuses attention on the expecting mother while emphasizing the grandeur and vastness of the beach setting.

Involving the Partner:

Including the partner in a maternity beach photoshoot adds intimacy and emotion. Capture shared emotions, showcase supportive poses, incorporate narrative elements, and create dramatic silhouettes against the setting sun. These techniques enhance the couple’s bond and the journey they’re embarking on.

Using Props Creatively:

Incorporating props into your maternity beach photoshoot can add a creative and personal touch to your images. Some ideas include letter blocks or chalkboards to spell out the baby’s name or a sweet message, flower crowns or wreaths for a bohemian touch, umbrellas or parasols for visual interest and shade, flowy fabrics or scarves for motion and drama, balloons for a playful element, baby items as heartwarming reminders, and footprints in the sand to symbolize the impending arrival of the new family member.

Close-ups and Details:

Focusing on the small details and facial expressions can add a level of intimacy and sentiment to your maternity beach photographs. Here are some suggestions:

  • Facial Expressions: The expecting mother’s face is a canvas of emotions – joy, anticipation, love, and more. Capture close-ups of these expressions to encapsulate these feelings. A joyful laugh, a warm smile, or a thoughtful gaze toward the horizon can be incredibly touching and personal.
  • Hands on the Belly: The gesture of the expecting mother or her partner’s hands on the belly is a classic maternity pose. A close-up of this can beautifully depict the bond between the parents and the unborn baby. Consider a shot where the mother’s hand forms a heart shape over her baby bump, adding an extra layer of sentiment.
  • Jewelry and Accessories: A detailed shot of any meaningful jewelry or accessory can add a personal touch to the photographs. It could be a family heirloom, a jewelry gift for the occasion, or even a wedding ring.

Safety Measures:

Ensuring safety during the maternity beach photoshoot, particularly around water, is paramount. This should be the primary consideration throughout the session. Never compromise the safety of the expecting mother for a shot. Here are some tips:

  • Pay Attention to the Sea Conditions: Monitor the ocean’s conditions before and throughout the photoshoot. Avoid going too far into the water, especially if the waves are strong or unpredictable. Remember, water can appear calm but can quickly change.
  • Choose a Safe Location: Carefully select your beach location, preferably with a gentle slope and calm waters. Stay away from rocky or slippery areas. If the beach has lifeguards, it’s an extra security measure.
  • Assist the Mother-to-Be: Always assist the expecting mother while moving, especially on the sand or near the water. It can be slippery, and the shifting sand can often be unstable.
  • Hydration and Rest: Ensure the mother-to-be stays hydrated and has ample opportunities to rest. Beaches can be hot, and carrying a baby is already hard work without adding a photoshoot into the mix.
  • Sun Protection: Ensure that both the expecting mother and her partner have proper sun protection, like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Equipment and Gear:

For a maternity beach photoshoot, it’s important to prioritize quality and versatility in camera equipment. Consider using a professional-grade DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses for high-quality images. Wide-angle, medium-range, and telephoto lenses can capture various aspects of the beach landscape and intimate details. A sturdy tripod provides stability, while lens filters help manage lighting conditions. An external flash and diffusers can fill in shadows, and reflectors bounce natural light for a flattering effect.


Post-processing is a vital step that can greatly enhance your maternity beach photographs. Here are some tips to keep in mind while editing your images:

  • Color Corrections: Adjusting the color balance is essential to ensure the photos accurately represent the colors at the beach. Make sure the skin tones look natural, and the blues of the water and sky are vibrant but not over-saturated.
  • Exposure Adjustments: Perfecting the exposure can dramatically improve your photos. You might need to brighten up underexposed images or recover details from overexposed areas. Tools like ‘Shadows/Highlights’ or ‘Curves’ can be very helpful.
  • Contrast and Clarity: Increasing the contrast can make your images pop by making the darks darker and the lights lighter. The clarity slider can help to increase mid-tone contrast and bring out more details in your pictures.
  • Cropping and Straightening: Don’t be afraid to crop in closer to your subject or to straighten the horizon line. Keep in mind the rule of thirds when cropping for a pleasing composition.
  • Spot Removal: Use the spot removal tool to clean up any unwanted elements in your photos, such as trash on the beach or an unwanted person in the background.
  • Filter Effects: Consider using filters to create different moods in your photos. A warm filter can give a sunny, cheerful feel, while a cool filter might create a serene, tranquil atmosphere.

Weather Planning:

Weather can be unpredictable, so being prepared for any changes is essential. Here are some tips on dealing with unexpected weather conditions:

  • Monitor Weather Forecasts: Regularly check the local weather forecast leading up to the day of the shoot. This will give you a heads-up on any potential weather changes.
  • Backup Plan: Always have a backup plan if the weather turns unfavorable. This could be an alternative indoor location or rescheduling the shoot for another day.
  • Embrace the Conditions: Sometimes, unexpected weather can create stunning and unique images. Overcast skies can provide soft, diffused lighting. Wind can create beautiful movement in clothing or hair. And post-rain, the beach can have a beautiful, fresh look.
  • Protect Your Gear: Ensure your camera and gear are protected from the elements. Use a rain cover for your camera in rainy conditions, and a UV filter can protect your lens in overly sunny conditions.
  • Comfort of the Mother-To-Be: Always put the comfort and safety of the expectant mother first. If the weather is too cold, hot, or damp, it may be best to reschedule. Her comfort should always be the priority.

Maternity Silhouettes:

Creating stunning silhouettes during a maternity beach photoshoot can produce powerfully emotive and artistic images. Here’s a brief guide on how to achieve this effect:

  • Positioning: Position the expecting mother between your camera and the light source, typically the setting sun during the golden hour. Ensure that the sun is directly behind her to cast the entire figure into shadow, creating the silhouette effect.
  • Shape and Form: Encourage poses that emphasize the expecting mother’s pregnant shape. The objective is to capture the outline of the baby bump clearly, as detail and texture are lost in silhouette.
  • Exposure: Meter for the sky to ensure that your subject is underexposed. This creates a dark silhouette against a brighter background. Manual mode on your camera will allow you the most control over this.
  • Post-processing: During editing, you might need to darken shadows further or increase the contrast to enhance the silhouette.

Emphasizing Emotions:

Capturing the emotional aspects of a maternity beach photoshoot can make the images more meaningful and memorable. Encourage shared moments, genuine reactions, and storytelling to create powerful and personal images. Emphasize the connection with the baby and maintain a relaxed atmosphere to capture genuine emotions.

Posing for Comfort:

Comfort is crucial when posing an expectant mother during a maternity beach photoshoot. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Natural Poses: Encourage poses that feel natural and comfortable. The expecting mother should not strain or hold an uncomfortable position for extended periods. Let her adjust and modify poses to fit her comfort level.
  • Sitting or Leaning Poses: Sitting or leaning can often be more comfortable for an expecting mother, especially later in pregnancy. Use beach props like blankets, chairs, or rocks for these poses.
  • Support from Partner: Involving the partner can provide physical support and comfort. They can help the expecting mother move, stand, or sit. Additionally, their touch and proximity can bring comfort and add emotional depth to the photographs.
  • Mind the Belly: Be mindful of the mother’s belly in every pose. Avoid any poses that might put pressure on the belly or make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Resting Periods: Make sure to provide ample resting periods between different poses. Allow the expecting mother to rest, hydrate, and adjust her clothing if necessary.

Reflective Shots:

Utilizing water to create creative reflections can add interest and depth to your maternity beach photographs. Here are a few techniques to consider:

  • Water’s Edge Reflections: Position your subjects near the water’s edge, where the wet sand can provide a mirror-like reflection. Timing your shot with the receding waves can yield the clearest reflections.
  • Puddle Reflections: After rainfall, beach puddles can offer great opportunities for creative reflection shots. You can capture the reflection of the skyline, the expecting mother, or any interesting surrounding elements in these puddles.
  • Shallow Water Reflections: Have the expecting mother stand or sit in shallow water. The reflection created in the calm water surface can add an ethereal quality to the image.
  • Use of Props: Props such as mirrors can be used to create deliberate, controlled reflections. This can add a unique and artistic element to your beach maternity photos.

Backup Plans:

Despite all the careful planning, unexpected situations can arise during a maternity beach To prepare for a photoshoot:

  • Bring backup equipment to avoid any unexpected malfunctions.
  • Keep a basic first aid kit with essentials like band-aids and pain relievers.
  • Consider having a professional assistant for complex shoots.
  • Ensure you have appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Maintain clear communication with the expecting mother and partner to address any unexpected situations.

Props for Maternity Photography:

Utilizing props in a maternity beach photoshoot can add an exciting dimension to your photos and help to tell a more personal story. Here are some suggestions:

  • Flowing Fabrics: Lightweight fabrics can create a beautiful sense of motion in your photos, mainly if there’s a breeze. They can be draped around the expecting mother or held aloft to catch the wind.
  • Flower Crowns or Wreaths: These add a bohemian flair and can also be used to add a pop of color.
  • Handheld Mirrors: These can be used to create interesting reflection shots.
  • Letters or Signs: These can be used to share a message about the baby, such as their name or a sweet quote.
  • Baby Shoes or Clothes: Small baby items held by the expecting mother can symbolize anticipation for the new arrival.
  • Balloons: A bunch of helium balloons can add a playful element to your photos. They can also be used to reveal the baby’s gender with the choice of color.
  • Umbrella: A stylish umbrella can provide a pop of color and also offer a source of shade if needed.


Maternity beach photography can be a beautiful and memorable way to capture the journey into parenthood. With careful planning, proper equipment, and creativity, you can create stunning images that the expecting mother and her family will cherish for years to come. Remember to prioritize comfort, emotions, and storytelling in your photoshoot, and don’t be afraid to get creative with props or post-processing techniques. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy capturing this special moment in your clients’ lives. So start planning your next maternity beach photoshoot – the possibilities are endless!  Happy shooting!

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