Modern Minimalist Design Tips for your Home

Modern Minimalist Design Tips for your Home

Modern minimalist home interior designs have become a phenomenon in recent years – and with good reason. This type of aesthetic keeps the clutters at bay while putting the focal point on important design elements. More than anything else, it also keeps your creative streak active. The major hurdle homeowner struggle with when it comes to modern minimalist interior designs is the actual task of pulling it off. If you’re mulling over the best ways to do your interiors with a modern minimalist theme in mind, here are some practical tips to help you get on track:

Choose neutral colors.

The fundamental goal of the modern minimalist design is to create a clean and simple look. Choosing the right shades – and keeping your choices down to neutral colors – is one of the most effective ways to achieve that goal. The go-to shades for modern minimalist designs are those that typically fall on the monochromatic palette. But it doesn’t end there. As you might have already guessed, choosing neutral shades could make your living space a bit boring. To breathe a little bit of variety and creativity into your home, you may want to follow the 60/30/10 rule where you will use a dominant color as your main color motif, a secondary color to complement your base, and a third for your accents.

Think functional furniture.

functional furniture.The modern minimalist look is all about having the right furniture and putting it in the most strategic spot in your home. To do this, you need to choose functional furniture that you can make good use of. See to it that the furniture you will bring in follows the monochromatic theme of your modern minimalist interiors. You can then put the spotlight on this furniture by making sure you have plenty of negative space to serve as a backdrop for the furniture.

It’s all about the texture.

One thing you should keep in mind when going for the modern minimalist look is that texture plays an important role in pulling off your chosen design aesthetic. The texture is the key element in creating perceptions about a design visual weight. In other words, it creates a mental image of how a design piece feels. That said, using a good variety of textures will help you come up with contrasts to make your living space stand out sans the use of flashy and outrageous elements.

Be mindful of your accents.

Be mindful of your accents.Some people have the misconstrued notion that minimalist designs altogether forego of the use of accents. Believe it or not, this is far from the truth. If you don’t add accessories to a space that adopted a modern minimalist design, it will look like unfinished; like an important element is missing. You wouldn’t want that, do you? To avoid this scenario, you need to choose an accessory that will perfectly complement your overall modern minimalist theme. Just make sure that the piece you will choose will not overpower the neatness and simplicity of the design aesthetic you are trying to pull off.

Empty space. Lots of them.

Modern minimalist home interiors are nothing without the empty spaces that have become a staple in this design concept. Make sure you have plenty of empty space to set off your modern minimalist design and to keep it looking clean and neat. From there, you can add some elements to create some form of visual balance. The best way to do this is to put a home accessory which will be used as a focal point.

To pull this off completely, you will need to keep unwanted distractions to a minimum, if any at all. After that, decide on the placement of the accessory. Placement is vital in creating a visual balance so you may want to reposition many times and take a step back every so often to see the overall impact of your chosen accent.

Be wise about storage.

It’s a given fact that modern minimalist homes are free from clutters and unwanted distractions. So how can you pull that off without throwing away more than half of your belongings to keep it down to the basics? Smart storage solutions are the key here.

storageInnocuous storage solutions are the best way to accommodate all of your belongings so you can keep up with your home’s modern minimalist vibe. The first step in choosing innocuous storage solutions is to find storage solutions that will serve the purpose of keeping your belongings out of sight while adding to the visual balance of your modern minimalist home.

While you’re at it, you might also want to consider the color and the texture of the storage solution in question, Ideally, it should go well with the clean and put-together look of your modern minimalist design concept. Finally, decide on the placement of the storage solution as well. If possible, choose storage solutions that can work double time as a wall divider or a shelf where you can showcase your favorite collection.

Simplicity above all else.

SimplicityFancy decorations have no place in a modern minimalist home.  Thus, it goes without saying that a modern minimalist home invests in simple and ordinary items. Be it a throw pillow on your sofa or a coffee table, the premise here is that you need to choose simplicity above other things. Don’t choose anything too grand or too eye-catching in itself. When set against neutral colors and lots of empty space, even the simplest of items will stand out and add visual balance to any living space.

When you’re looking through home interior designs, it would be practically impossible not to see – and not fall in love with – modern minimalist designs. Modern minimalist home interiors boast of clean lines and put a strong emphasis on simplicity and functionality with a touch of creativity. Do not be scared to adopt this design if it catches your fancy. Just keep an eye out on what you think looks good in your home while keeping in mind the recommended tips in this article.

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