Interior Design Tips: 3 Woodworking Skills You Can Do with Plywood


Using plywood for interior design is common these days. In fact, a quick web search of design materials for your interior space will tell you that plywood is one of the most loved elements. You can use it for flooring, furniture making, and ceiling installation.

But if you want to take your plywood interior designing skills up several notches, you can try the following woodworking methods. They may take a bit of hard work, but it’s worth the products you can get in the end.


The word “pyro” will give you an idea that this method uses fire to design wood. Unlike other woodwork that alters the shape of wood to come up with a decorative piece, pyrography merely adds burn marks to create images on the wood. Roughly translated, pyrography means writing with fire.

When using plywood for pyrography, make sure you choose birch plywood. Its light color, thickness, and surface texture are among the reasons it’s one of the best options out there. It is also relatively cheap and big, so you have a lot of space for practice. Just remember to sand the surface before creating burn marks because pyrography requires smooth surfaces.

For pyrography, the materials needed are wood, pyrography pen, and sandpaper. If you can’t draw freehand, you need an image you’ll use as a pattern, a pen for sketching, and a darker marker pen for tracing the sketch.


Among the three woodworking methods mentioned here, woodturning may require the most time and patience. It may take you a day or more to get your desired output, so be sure to do it when you have a lot of spare time.

The tools for woodturning depends on the design you’d like to create. If you want a bowl, here are what you need:

  • Bowl gouge
  • Spindle gouge
  • Diamond-shaped parting tool
  • Teardrop shear scraper
  • Square-end negative-rake scraper
  • Rotary sander
  • Circular saw or band saw
  • Large button jaws

A tungsten-tipped tool may also be required. For this procedure, you also need to use birchwood. A sanding sealer is also necessary because the void in the plywood must be filled. Just like the other woodwork activities above, you must be very careful when turning plywood because it chips easily.

Wood Carving

man carving wood

Wood carving is a good way to create small decorative items for your home or objects for everyday use. It can be a carved bird that you can turn into a ref magnet, or you carve your name on a piece of wood and display it in your office.

Since plywood is softer and thinner than other materials, you need to be extra careful when carving it. In addition, birch plywood is the best type for this project because it is the most condensed.

Carving has several methods. Saw carving, chip carving, caricature, and love spoon are some of them. The v-carving method works best for plywood. V-carving plywood requires a carving machine, a carving pattern, and sandpaper.

If you’re running out of design ideas for your plywood, try any of the three activities above. Just make sure you get the right materials from your trusted suppliers, so you can get the result you want.

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