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Video Marketing Boosts Your Business Marketing in 3 Ways

The Internet has been widely used all over the world, so it has a huge effect on many people. Whenever you post something on social media or other sites, they can see it right away. That is why entrepreneurs make use of the Internet as a promotional tool. They post advertisements, infographics, blogs, and pictures. However, if you are planning for a better promotional strategy for your small business, you might want to hire a corporate video production company in Manchester.

Video marketing is a trend nowadays. People want to gain information faster. They would prefer seeing a promotional video of your product than reading a blog with 500 words. Statistics also show that people watch 180 to 200 videos a month. This proves that video marketing is more powerful than any other marketing tools. Here are a few reasons you should utilise video marketing in your small business:

It saves you money from traditional marketing

Usually, entrepreneurs spend a lot of money on marketing. They need to print thousands of copies of flyers and brochures. Or they would also pay for a short TV commercial for their products. There’s no need for that because the Internet can offer cheaper marketing tools. You can post a simple video, and in a few minutes, hundreds of people may have seen it already. Cheaper video production tools and equipment are also available on the market.

It engages viewers with products in action

Child watching a video on the phone with her motherIt is not easy to get people’s attention, especially the younger ones. They need something more visual and ear-catching. Videos have these components. That way, people will be able to get the message or information better. You can distribute your videos through social media and email in a few clicks only. Customers will remember them, especially if they are interesting. People may even post and share them on other sites for others to see.

It dominates web search

Videos have a higher priority on search engines than text, audio, files, and pictures. If you try to use Google Search, you will see the videos related to your keyword first. Most of the time, people will click the ones on the top search first before looking at other sites. Thus, having videos on your website can help your products be more noticeable on the web. Text and pictures do not have the same impact as videos do. They can be retained in people’s memory for a long time, especially if they become viral.

Video marketing can be helpful in product marketing. Do not make excessively long videos because they will just bore your customers. A two- or three-minute video is enough to present the message and information needed to persuade your customers. With the advantages of video marketing listed above, you can conclude that it is the best advertising platform for a small business. Nowadays, people are more into videos that they see on social media and video sharing websites.

You must also share your videos on trusted websites such as YouTube. It is the most popular video-sharing site, so more people will see them. Veoh, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Flickr, and Facebook are other websites where you can post your videos.

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