Improve Your Jewelry Sales With Social Media Marketing

Looking for ways to sell more of your jewelry? Take your business to social media and start building an online presence there. There are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, with Facebook remaining the most widely used platform over the years. That’s why it’s essential to include social media in your marketing strategy.

Here’s how you can start building your presence on social.


Identify your niche

Determine what type of jewelry you want to sell online. Do you sell fine jewelry, costume jewelry, or vintage jewelry? Or maybe you’re going for handmade? With jewelry businesses flocking social media in recent years, you have to focus on a single niche to stand out from the competition. Also, think of your target audience when creating your social media marketing strategy. Consider their gender, age, preferences, and culture and tradition when marketing on social.

Create a brand                                              

What’s your brand story? How do you want your audience to know you? Do you want to look like an expert in your field? Or do you want to be like that casual friend who gives advice about jewelry? Determine the tone and voice of your brand and be consistent with it.

Set up your social channels

Come up with a company name that you will be using on your social media. Create a logo that represents your brand, as well as other materials for your social media marketing strategy. This includes cover photos and your ‘About’ page. Also, you can utilize the Shop and marketplace features if you’re marketing on Facebook.


Upload high-quality photos

Entice your audience with pleasing visuals. Take pictures of the necklace, earrings, and bracelet you are selling and upload them on social media. Don’t forget to post-process your image with high-end retouching to make some colors pop out and bring the jewelry alive. Highlight the glam of your product to make your audience want to buy it.

Create product descriptions

Supplement your photos with product descriptions. Write vital information about your products such as the stone or gem details, chain length, and the materials used. Keep the descriptions simple and straightforward. Learn how to write better copies for best results.

Post regularly

To establish your presence online, you have to post on your page daily.  But don’t promote your products every time. Your content should be relevant to your audience. Relevant content includes tips, infographics, industry updates, and more. One way to find balance with your posts is through the 80-20 rule, wherein 80% of your post should be relevant to your audience while 20% is promotional.

Offer good customer service

Communication is key to building your presence online. When you publish posts on social media, be sure to engage your audience by replying to their messages and comments. Make sure to respond to them within 24 hours and treat everyone with professionalism.


Ask for reviews

Remind buyers to leave a review on your social media channels. Testimonials are a convincing tool to encourage people to buy from you. Even bad reviews provide an opportunity for you to offer solutions to various issues, which can make you look good to your audience. Send a follow-up message after a purchase asking your customers to give some feedback to your product and service.

Your audience is on social media. It’s time time to include these social platforms on your marketing strategy to improve your sales. Follow the tips above and get started social media marketing for your jewelry business.

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