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How Mandala Art Helps Alleviate Stress

It’s so easy to succumb to all the stress and anxiety without you knowing it. Life can sometimes be so stressful that finding relief from all of it is becoming a must to maintain a sound and healthy mind. The good news is that there is an art form that can help you release those stress and relax your mind. Coloring pictures has become increasingly popular among adults for the past couple of years because of its effects. Very Well Mind says that geometric circles called mandalas have a particular benefit over other types of arts and drawings.

Facts About Mandala Art

In Sanskrit, mandala means circle, which is a powerful symbol across every culture. You’ll often see it in religious symbols or other images depicting angels and sprites. People belonging to the Indian and Tibetan religions have long used mandalas as sacred circles for their meditation. Other religions share the same belief of the sacred circles, such as Native Americans, Taoists, and Christianity. Mandalas can range from drawings, paintings to temporary creations, such as sand mandalas.

The primary circle shape of a mandala often has a variety of geometric shapes as well as symbols. These patterns often get repeated with vibrant color schemes. The process of drawing mandalas from scratch is as important as looking at the output. Each stage from start to finish is an ideal tool for meditation.

Relieving Stress through Drawing

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Among all forms of meditation, art therapy is among the most popular ones today. That’s because it’s able to mix relaxation with fun and creativity. Now, people are looking for a coloring book for grown-ups so they can try their hands on mandala art meditation. Starting your mandala art meditation is easy. You can either make your own or print one to a size of your liking.

Meditation Relax Club also says that there are even downloadable contents online that you can download and print. Once you’re okay with the image, all you need to do is pick up your art supplies and start coloring. You can use anything that you want to design your artwork. It can be watercolors, highlighters, crayons, or even charcoal. You only need to follow the pattern and start filling in all the blank spaces. People say that slow coloring a day can reduce stress and even lower blood pressure. Some even compare it as a typical meditation session available for stress relief. While you’re doing your artwork, you need to remember to focus your attention at the tip of the crayon or the brush. Listen to the soft scraping while you try to fill every space on the paper. You’ll soon enjoy everything little by little as you complete the entire piece.

You don’t need to be an artist to be good at Mandala. Remember that it’s a form of meditation to help you alleviate your stress. So, try to enjoy it and let your body relax. Doing so will help you get the most out of art therapy and even help you alleviate your stress for good.

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