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Art Works: The Role of Office Art in Boosting Staff Productivity

It’s natural for business owners to feel concerned about employee productivity. After all, the output of their workers directly affects their bottom line. If you’re a company owner looking to make your staff more productive, you can introduce small changes to the office environment without costing you a lot of time and money.

Consider office artwork.  These corporate interior décors do more than just spruce up a bland wall or workspace. They play a part in raising productivity. An article published in Columbia Business Times revealed that art-filled offices enhance the work environment and productivity. A survey featured in the report found that nearly all (94 percent) employees agreed that art improves the workplace. Additionally, 67 percent of them said art helps boost productivity.

Here’s how the art you put up in your walls can make your workers productive:

Stimulates Creativity

Having art in the office inspires people to be more creative. Unlike clichéd inspirational slogans that artificially force employees to be creative, genuinely impressive pieces of art can naturally encourage creativity.  On top of that, interesting and inspiring artwork promotes innovative thinking, stimulates discussion, and creates talking points.

Helps Employees Refocus on Their Tasks

Office employees looking at the monitor all day is a modern work curse. Regularly changing the displays in the office with pieces of art encourages workers to look away from their screen, check out these beautiful works of art, and give both the eyes and the mind some rest. This also minimizes headaches, fatigue, and other effects of eyestrain.

Serves as a Welcome Distraction

Appreciating office art could also provide the brain with some distraction, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Studies have found that daydreaming allows the brain’s problem-solving parts to become active. While the mind is wandering off, the brain is busy refueling its reserves of physical and mental energy, which encourages creativity, replenishes attention, and increases productivity.

What You Should Consider When Selecting Office Art

Wondering what kind of artwork you should place in your office? Keep these criteria in mind:


This factor plays a major role in the artwork. A piece of art that uses brown, for instance, is ideal in an environment where you want your employees to feel calm and comfortable.  Orange, on the other hand, evokes spontaneity and energy.  If you want your workers to feel upbeat and energetic, shop for orange-colored office art.


Office art doesn’t have to be expensive. If you come across a fantastic and affordable art print, put it on a picture frame and hang it on the wall.


Employees at work

When installing artwork, find out if the wall art is conveying your company’s brand, culture, and character. If you’re looking for pieces of art to hang in the office, make sure they reflect the colors used by your brand.

Office art is not merely a pretty interior décor. It stimulates creativity, helps people refocus on their work, and offers a welcome distraction. When choosing art, include your employees in the buying process. This way, they can select art pieces that match your corporate décor and identity.

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