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Millennial Couples and Their Idea of Marriage

More and more of today’s millennial couples are choosing to have a simple wedding instead of splurging on this one-day event. Most of them no longer put a price on their wedding. Instead, they look for things that will give special meaning to the event.

Pinterest, for one, has become a venue for couples looking for simple DIY wedding inspiration ideas. They often use it to create themes and outfits for their wedding. Some even use it for decor ideas as well as wedding favors.

Wedding not a priority

Many millennial couples prioritize other things such as education and career over marriage. This widening gap means that a growing number of people are too preoccupied with stepping up. It also shows that most couples marry outside of their age or religious background. It only means that the younger generations are holding different views than their parents.

Technology may have also made millennials more critical about marriage. The New York Times says that digital saturation has made the younger generation more restless and more socially isolated.

But it doesn’t mean that the younger generation no longer values marriage. If anything, it means that millennials value marriage even more. That’s because they are putting a lot of effort thinking about everything before deciding. They believe that for a marriage to become successful, they need to be compatible in several ways.

How millennials plan their wedding

Finances are also a huge factor in their decisions when it comes to relationships. They want to get the most out of their money, especially when it comes to their wedding. Most members of the younger generation are aware of the influence of financial issues in a relationship. They know that any financial decision that they’ll make will affect both of them.

A decade ago, couples would often rely on their parents to fund their weddings. Now, people are more capable of doing what they want to do. So, they want their wedding to reflect their relationship.

Their obsession with Instagram-worthy weddings

Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And GroomIt’s also noteworthy, though, that there are those couples who want everything to be perfect so that they can post it on social media. That’s why some would save up a lot of their money to ensure an Instagram-worthy wedding celebration.

They would also hire a professional wedding videographer for memories of their big day. These couples will spend much of their time editing and shooting photos to get the perfect look. They put all these efforts to ensure all their post on social media is flawless.

Now, most couples are tech-savvy and are using it to their advantage. You’ll often see fewer couples going out of their way to spend thousands of dollars on paper invites.

Having an insight into how the younger generation sees marriage is a great way to see the values that they uphold. It’s fascinating to see that people’s views on relationships are evolving. Even more, it gives you a different perspective on how young couples are taking it to the next level.

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