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Why Complacency Is Dangerous for Growth

You were always encouraged to grow and learn from your experiences when you were a child. You had your firsts—success, heartbreak, failure, and disappointment—and you learned to adjust your expectations. You learned that things could always go wrong no matter how much you prepared, but your curiosity still pushed you forward. Now that you’re an adult, it feels like the stakes are higher, and you take fewer risks because you don’t want to lose. You want to be safe, but in doing this, you’re also being complacent, which means that you’re not growing at all.

Boats Are Not Meant for Land

Boats are safer onshore, but that’s not what they are built for. Living in complacency may feel like you’re coursing through life not risking anything, but it also means that you’re not making much progress. You’re stuck in the same position. You’re in the same relationship that doesn’t make you happy. You’re surrounded by people who don’t know what’s best for you. You tolerate all of these things and go with the flow for the sake of safety.

The truth is that you’re not safe. You’re in the most dangerous zone, where you are losing control of your life. When you don’t say no and keep surrounding yourself with people who don’t have your best interests at heart, your story stops. There is no place for adventure, and you don’t move forward.

You Have Only One Life to Live

Your life can be a lie if you don’t live it the way you want to. Your authentic self is right there, hiding beneath the surface, unable to show your true colors. Your book remains unwritten even if interested book publishers are one call away because you have already told yourself that you would be rejected.

Complacency means avoiding failure by not doing anything. If only you have taken the first step, you’ll realize people are out there to help you if you just reach out. Your friends—your real friends—will encourage you to tell your story and live your most authentic life. Your family will support you emotionally and even financially if they have to. Everyone who has lived their life will have a story to tell, but you don’t have to keep your unique story to yourself. It can inspire other people if you can be inspired enough to get it out there.

Stand up Against Failures

Side view of tired students surrendering to fatigue studying with laptops in a coffee shop with a window in the background and sky outdoors

The way you look at failures as a child can be carried over to your adulthood. Your inquisitive mind does not have to go away as you age another calendar year. Everyone makes mistakes, and failures are part of life. They are not your enemy now that you’re considered an adult, so don’t fear them. Look at them as lessons you can’t wait to learn instead. The more willing you are to make mistakes and learn from them, the better you will be as a person. You’ll also be more open-minded and receptive to other people’s failures.

It’s easy to be complacent in a world filled with risks. It may be safe not to do anything. But life is not about doing nothing. If you are complacent, you’re not living a good life at all.


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