Man taking a photo of his family

How to Capture Amazing Family Photos With Your Kids

Taking family portraits can be a challenge for most photographers, especially when you have kids running around the place. Although it can be a lot of fun, it needs careful planning to get amazing shots.

Hiring the services of a studio in Salt Lake City that also does headshot photography, such as JayLynn Studios, can help you get the photos that you will treasure for years. Here are some expert tips for capturing perfect family shots with your children.

Plan the location

Nobody wants to have their photos taken under the scorching sun for more than an hour. So, it is best to time your portrait around the perfect season. If you are planning to do it in the summer, then try to avoid the heat of the day and do your best to capture the best light. Likewise, if it is cold or the weather changes, ensure that you have a plan B ready. Have a backup day or book a location that has both outdoor and indoor areas where you can do the shoot instead.

Get down to your children’s eye level

Getting down to their level creates more engaging photos. It will also help you interact better with your kids. Photographers suggest getting down to their eye level also to capture some amazing candid shots.

Bring the right set of clothes

Family with matching clothesAnother tip that experts suggest is to bring the right set of clothes for the photo shoot. If it is going to be done outdoors, then bring clothing that fits the season. Make sure everyone will feel comfortable throughout the day. Meanwhile, if you are taking a family holiday portrait, then you can consider going on a theme or a more neutral look, too. Any holiday attire or even funny Christmas sweaters can also be fun.

Get the children ready

Experts often tell parents to prepare their children for the photo shoot. Think of ways to get your little ones in the mood. You can build up their excitement by having them look forward to something fun. You can also follow it up with a treat like a box of chocolates or their favorite ice cream.

Also, make sure that they have eaten before the photo shoot. Hungry children tend to get grumpy, which can reflect on the photos. You should also let them get their full nap on the day of the shoot. The activity can tire them too much. So, it is best to let them take a nap in between shoots. It is always best to get your kids in the right mood if you are planning to take their photos.

Taking your very own family photos can be fun but tedious at the same time. So, it is best to hire photographers to do the job for you. Getting your photos taken by a professional can result in a much better output. You can check their websites for a few samples or even check the internet to see which ones are near your area.

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