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What Inspires Your Home Design?

The inspiration for home design may come from the most random things. Some have a clear picture in mind and they will stop at nothing to realize the vision they have for their house. Others leave it up to an interior designer’s keen eye and observation skills to fill the house with furniture the homeowner might want. And then there are those who design houses based on their fondest memories and wildest dreams.

The Italian Designing Job

Europe is a dream destination for many. It may be something you’ve managed to save enough to visit or it might still be something you’re working toward.

Either way, nothing is stopping you from bringing Europe home. Particularly if you are fond of the romantic image Italy shows to the world, you want everything fresh in your pantry. You’ve got a couple of Italian garden planters with an assortment of herbs and blooms, and you simply adore cheese. Pizza may be a staple at home, but it’s not the boxed or frozen kind. You make it from scratch to emulate the taste of Italian cuisine no matter the day of the week.

A Dessert-filled Childhood

Who would not want to live in a chocolate house? It’s such a dream for children that basic rules of construction are willingly cast aside when thinking about it. In real life, it would be quite dangerous to live in a house that may melt during summer or might invite millions of ants.

There’s the looming danger of the structure collapsing due to the bites you casually take from it when you feel like having a snack. What’s more realistic is to come up with a chocolate-themed house, perhaps with the base color being a rich chocolate hue. If you don’t want to limit your design to just one kind of dessert, consider pastels for walls to give the house that bubblegum vibe. Think Museum of Ice Cream, but as a house.

Everything Nautical

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Not all home designs have to be far fetched. For a simple, cool, and relaxing abode, go with a nautical theme. That means stripes, blues and whites, and furniture fit for living by the beach. Bonus points if you actually live near the beach. Even if you don’t, it’s still a good way to bring your interests back home. Perhaps you’ve learned to fish with your dad or you own a boat. Perhaps you like to go cruising. Having a house with such a distinct design will make it easy to strike a conversation with the guests you invite for dinner.

To make the experience even more enjoyable, use the outdoor space creatively. Line it with beach chairs, and grill fish on the weekends. Everything can be turned into a nighttime entertainment area, where you can all watch movies on a makeshift screen. Don’t forget the fairy lights to complete the carefree and whimsical look.

There’s no limit to the design you choose for your house. You’re the one living in it, so go ahead and design it to cater to what you want.

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