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The 2019 Essentials of Starting a Business in LA

There’s always that battle between which city is better: Los Angeles or New York? If Inc.’s poll is something to go by, apparently, Los Angeles is winning. Ranked 16th, while New York is at 26th place, it seems Los Angeles and its sunny weather most of the year is one of the best places to start a business in America.

Now that you know where to put down roots, it’s time to think about more important aspects of opening a business. These should be on top of your list:

Signage Design

Garage Sale Signage

The storefront is the vanguard of your business. It’s literally the first thing clients see when they look at your store. It should have enough impact and character to invite customers in, even if it’s just because of their curiosity.

When starting a new venture, you have no established name to fall back on. You’re unknown to most clients, and they will question why you deserve their time and patronage. A new business with nothing but its name and innovative products may find it hard to get its first customers if you don’t invest in custom signs for your Los Angeles business.

Your customers look at graphics that spark interest before they’d consider anything else. Once you have them through the door, it’s the design of the store that decides whether they leave with a purchase or feel frustrated about wasting time.

Product Display and Arrangement

It’s not enough to just fit products on shelves. You want to come up with a layout that’s most beneficial for your company. It’s something that you need to give some thought. Use boards from Pinterest if you’re running low on design inspiration.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about the number of design elements to consider, make decisions one at a time. For instance, think about the atmosphere you want to create for the shop. This narrows your paint choices, as certain colors and combinations are associated with particular emotions.

Don’t worry about using the same colors as your competitors. There’s a reason you’re drawn to the same palette if you’re offering similar products. What matters is how you play with those colors to bring out the unique aspects of your business.


Even in 2019, there’s that question of whether you should be investing more in online or offline marketing. It’s safe to invest in both, but if you know your business will target clients from a specific category more than the other, go ahead and spend more money there.

A mom-and-pop store would benefit from offline flyers, but they would also increase their reach to younger customers if they invest in Facebook ads. In Los Angeles, however, you’ll want to take advantage of the Internet-savvy residents. They’re always online and looking for the new trend to come along, so position yourself to be easily noticeable and they’ll surely come knocking.

Your business venture will be successful if you know which aspects to give attention. No matter how good your product is, you still need to advertise and draw attention before customers give you their time.

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