Music as a Career: A Musician’s Journey to Stardom

Are you one of those musicians and artists who aspire to be the next rising superstar like Ed Sheeran? Well, we all know his story. Before all the glitz and fame, he was simply a street singer, but he found his way to the top by not quitting. If you share that goal, here are several things you can do to boost your popularity and gain more experience.

The Internet

Today, most people have unlimited access to the power of the World Wide Web, especially social media. It seems like every individual has at least one social media account. With that, you can utilize its cost-effective powers and benefits to reach a wide range of audiences.

Use social media as your leaping point to stardom. How? By simply posting your performances, as well as updating them. Little by little, your presence will be heard in this medium and you will generate a higher following. And from there, you can think forward to your next move.

Organize a Mini-Concert

By the time you have earned a considerable fanbase in social media, don’t stop with digital platforms. Keep boosting your popularity through other means. For example, organize a mini-concert.

Organizing or planning a concert, show, or getting some gigs is a good way for you to gain experience while possibly making some money too. It’s not as difficult as it may sound. All that is needed is diligent planning and creative marketing. Choose a theme that suits your style and advocacy. In addition, if you have already saved some money in your account, do not hesitate to use it by acquiring professional assistance. There are a lot of concert organization companies out there, such as in Salt Lake City, and they offer multiple services for successfully organizing and implementing your event.

Go on Mini Tours


After a number of notable mini-concerts and a strong social media presence, a lot of people, especially in your city have surely heard your music at this point. However, why settle with location-based popularity?

You can expand your presence personally by going on mini-tours. It could be state by state if money is on your side or city to city. You can even get some sponsorships and producers to finance your ventures in exchange for your services, like brand ambassadorship or collaborations. A mini-tour is a great way to connect and interact with your local fans. It is beneficial for you since you are creating and expanding your fan base.

Solidify Your Brand Identity

If you have checked social media following, events, and tours off your list, now is the perfect time to solidify your brand and identity. For example, you may get yourself some striking graphics that you can use across all your promotional materials, from your website, social media accounts, and to your posters. Remember that a strong brand identity can help develop strong brand awareness. This is what you want the world to picture you as, and will help your fans connect with you better and associate a specific recognizable feature with your music.

Once you start creating chances for yourself, a larger number of opportunities will appear. Here’s a reminder: Don’t forget that talent — without will, perseverance, hard work, humility, and determination — remains futile.

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