How to Transform your Home into a Kid-friendly Living Space

How to Transform your Home into a Kid-friendly Living Space

A home should be patterned after the needs and personal preferences of the people living in it. So if you have kids, now is the best time to redesign your home and turn it into a kid-friendly living space. A kid-friendly home encourages learning and play, and relaxation, too. Here are

some tips to get you started on your home transformation:

Play with different colors and patterns.

Kids are avid fans of color palettes and interesting patterns. To get them to enjoy staying at home more without getting bored, it would be a good idea to distract them with child-inspired home designs. You could start by painting the walls with bold and bright colors or using eye-catching wallpapers. From there, you could also carry on with your chosen color motif and choose the furniture and accents to put in your home.

It’s also worth mentioning that color psychology is also at play here. Colors affect our mood and mindset, so when choosing the right colors to redesign your home, consider that white is the color for creating balance, red is for excitement, purple is for creativity, and yellow is for optimism.

Choose your furniture well

furnitureTransforming your living space into a home that is conducive for your kids will require some changes in your choice of furniture. This is especially the case if you have hyperactive kids who like running around inside the house. Kids will most likely bump into your furniture if you opt for big and bulky furniture that are displayed along the premises where they have easy access to. When this happens, they could either hurt themselves or break your furniture. Or it could lead to both.

To keep these kinds of unfortunate events from happening, it is best to choose furniture that has rounded edges. Also, be mindful of where you would put your furniture. Strategic placement is key.

Invest in classy but functional pieces

We know it’s difficult to create a kid-friendly living space that will still look classy and stylish, but you can still pull this off. You just need to add some stylish but functional elements at home and make sure that it is placed strategically. One thing you could do is to invest in floor cushions and a low round table. Your kids could use this as a lounge when they are in the living room but otherwise, it can serve as a nice accent to your home. Keep the colors neutral, though, so it wouldn’t clash unnecessarily with the primary color motif of your home.

Rethink your storage solutions

While we’re in the subject of creating a safe and comfortable living space for your kids, it is also important to note that aside from furniture, leaving toys and other stuff lying around the house is also another major cause of accidents. You or your kid might step on something sharp and end up hurting yourselves. Or, you could step on something, slide along the corridor, and bump your head. It’s not a pretty sight, but the idea is clear.

To prevent this thing from happening, you will need an efficient storage solution where you could easily keep a lot of the stuff that you don’t need at the moment. With these items out of sight, your home will look nice and tidy while your kids will be kept safe.

When purchasing a cabinet for storage or having one built custom-made, consider the material as well as the most suitable color that would blend well with your overall theme.

Keep fragile ornaments at a safe distance

Keep fragile ornaments at a safe distanceWe understand how nice it is to have your fancy ornaments displayed at home but if you have kids at home, this is surely not a practical move, for obvious reasons. Fragile items are easily breakable and so, displaying them at your home will make your kids susceptible to accidents. Also, kids are known for playing and tinkering with items that they find interesting, so if your fragile piece catches their eye, they might just go ahead and play with it – without your permission.

To keep your kids out of trouble, store these items where they cannot be seen nor touched, at least for the time being. You can get them out again when your kids are all grown up. Or if you absolutely have to, display these items but make sure your kids do not have access to it.

Designate a spot where they can relax and get entertained

Transforming your living space into a kid-friendly home means you have to designate a corner in the house for your kids. This will help keep them entertained and as much as possible, contained in just one corner. Of course, you can only keep kids still for so long. But if you create a nice, cozy, and colorful space for them where they can relax, play with their toys, and play video games, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Another plus side to providing them with their own corner in the house is that it makes cleanups faster and easier. Also, since this corner is their corner, you can teach them to tidy it up on their own as they get older.

Add a personal touch

Add a personal touchIf you’re designing your kids’ bedrooms, making it as cozy as possible is already a given. Put nice and comfortable sheets that are appropriate for the weather. It would also be wise to keep an eye on their closet space. More importantly, you should put a lot of effort into making your kids’ room more personalized. A personalized bedroom will make your child feel at ease, especially if they have only just begun sleeping in their own room.

Some ideas you can try include putting up posters of their favorite cartoon characters and placing family pictures at the bedside lamp.

Turning your home a kid-friendly living space doesn’t have to be too difficult, or too expensive. You just need to plan it well, consider what your kids like, and follow the basics when it comes to creating a child-conducive home.

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