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Video is the Most Effective Marketing Tool Online and Here’s Why

On the internet, content is king. If you want to market products and services to potential consumers, you need to do so by releasing easily digestible and eye-catching content.

More people prefer watching a video. According to YouTube, over two billion people log into the platform every month. People from around the world watch billions of hours of videos every day. TikTok, which is relatively new to the app industry, now has over 800 million active users. Young people, who make up the majority of its users, spend nearly an hour using the app every day.

If you want to make content that cuts through the noise, video is the way to do it. Get a boutique video production company to develop and run your online campaign. Here are the other reasons why you should use videos to market your business on the internet.

Video is Highly Engaging

Video is superior to other mediums because it stimulates the eyes and the ears. Video incorporates both visual and audio elements, making it more captivating for a lot of people compared to ads that only have images or texts.

The movement in the video alone captures the eye of the viewer. Video also makes it easier to maintain the attention of the viewer for a longer period.

A highly engaging video allows you to make your pitch to potential consumers. If the audience does not notice your video, they will not do what you want them to do, which is to introduce your business and convince them to acquire a product or a service.

Video is a Great Way to Provide Information

Video is effective if you want to efficiently convey information to the audience. You can post demonstrations, instructions or how-to guides, reviews, results, benefits, guarantees, etc.

Through a video, potential customers can see how a product or a service performs in the real world. Many people consider themselves as visual learners. They need visual aids, in this case, moving pictures, to comprehend an idea or concept.

Moreover, you can pack more information in a video than in a blog post. Because you can use both moving images and audio, there are multiple ways to present information in a manner that the audience can still digest and enjoy.


Videos Boost Sales

You can only say that a marketing campaign is successful if it has managed to convert interest into sales. Videos, therefore, is a great tool because it increases the likelihood that the viewer will make the purchase.

As proof, a previous survey found that 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video of it. Around 90% said watching a video helped them make a purchasing decision.

Videos are Memorable

There are ways to make images and texts memorable, but it is easy for a message to be retained in the mind of the consumer if they watched a video about it. That is partly because the brain processes visuals faster than text. According to research, about 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. That makes it easier for people to remember a video than a blog post or a single image.

Moreover, through video, you can convey emotions more effectively. Emotions, and how people react to it, helps in retaining memory.

Of course, for a successful campaign, you need to create a video that has engaging and eye-catching content, too. A boring video will still turn off potential consumers. However, using video to advertise gives you an advantage.

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