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Using Promotional Products to Make Your Business Flourish

While digital marketing is at its peak, promotional products are proven to remain effective in building brand awareness The study conducted in 2016 revealed that 85% of the respondents were able to recall a company’s name when they were given a promotional product. What’s even more interesting is that it’s also found that consumers are 2.5 times likely to perceive a company that had given them a promotional product positively, as opposed to a company that presented them with a digital ad.

This data just shows how giving out promotional products is still effective and relevant these days. In Australia, eight types of promotional products are regarded as the most useful. These custom-made promotional products are loved by all genders and even by the younger generation.

Considering all of these, how can we use promotional products as tools to develop our business?

Stick to Functional Items

You can be as unique as you want when thinking of a promotional product to mass produce, but don’t you think it’s more practical to stick the ones most favored by the general public? As mentioned, there are eight types of promotional products that Australians think are the most useful. Those are USBs, pens, bags, beverage containers, umbrellas, caps and balls, key rings, and stress shape products. This data was gathered by Promo Gallery, who performed the study by surveying 1,500 respondents.

25.5% of respondents named USBs as the most useful, while 24.6% of them chose pens. The gap becomes wider with those who chose the rest, with 12.2% choosing bags, 9.9% going for beverage containers (stubby holders, mugs, and bottles), 9.2% picking umbrellas, 7.1% selecting caps and balls, 6.3% leaning towards key rings, and 5.2% thinking stress shapes products is the most functional.

Women are found to choose promotional bags twice more than men, and the younger generation went for beverage holders.

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Make Them Long-Lasting

Not only does your promotional product needs to be useful; it needs to be durable as well. With functionality, costumers are less likely to dispose of them, and with durability, the product can last long. Combining these two qualities, your company can distribute a promotional product once only, and it would already establish better engagement with your customers for a considerable amount of time.

The Results of Using Promotional Products

Using promotional products is a low-cost marketing strategy. Most manufacturers give discounts on bulk orders, so despite the heavy volume of items you need, you’d not be spending heaps. Therefore, you’d be leaving an impact to your customers at a low cost.

Brand awareness can also be built. With your brand’s logo clearly shown on your promotional products, people will easily recognise and remember it. In addition to that, your customers can also gain exposure for your brand, especially if the item is something easily portable, like mugs.

Promotional products can also serve as introductory tools for your brand. You can entice new customers who aren’t familiar with your brand yet by handing out free gifts. Promotional products do not only contain a brand’s logo, but its slogan, contact information, and business message as well. That said, this adds function to your promotional product: a business card in a useful daily life item.

Lastly, customer loyalty could be driven, as long as your promotional products are durable, functional, and branded, if possible. The quality of your free gifts says a lot about your business’s quality, too. If new customers are given such high-quality gifts, they will be encouraged to stay loyal to your brand.

Distributing promotional products will remain one of the most effective marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and sales, leading to business success.

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