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See You Next Year! Event Planning For 2021

While you can write off this year for any big event you are planning, 2021 is on the horizon. The worst of the COVID pandemic should be over by then. Your event, whether it is a personal one like a wedding or a marketing one like a conference, should have a chance to shine by then. But you can’t run it like your normal pre-COVID event. You need to adapt to the new normal and plan accordingly. Here are some things you need to keep in mind to ensure the success of your event.

Start Planning Early

It may seem too early to plan for a 2021 or 2022 event, but event venues are reporting reservations for the next two years already. So before you lose your chance at a venue, you should start planning for your event now and reserving the important things. This includes everything from guests to the equipment.

Early planning will allow you to know what you will need for your event. For example, if it is a wedding, beyond the venue, you will also need to think about décor and other factors. You might even have to consider the logistics of the wedding. If you wanted a destination wedding, you need to take into account the problem of travel and even the fact that some locations might not be the best after the pandemic. Consider each element of your event with the idea that the pandemic might change things.

Before Physical Events Consider Virtual Events

Not all events have to be physical. As proven by several events, virtual events can be just as successful as physical ones. Connectivity technology has matured enough that people can attend virtual conferences with ease. This doesn’t mean that it works with no problem, but it is certainly better than it was before.

There is still also a need to coordinate the timing of things. With virtual business seminars, you need to take into account the various time zones of the people involved. Additionally, your guests need to be aware of what time they should be showing up. Since you can’t have assistants helping them out and keeping them on schedule, they must know when it is time.

Additionally, if you plan to go virtual, you need to hire an event technology manager. They can make things much easier for you and ensure that all the tech arrangements for your event run smoothly. They also help coordinate with your team so that everyone is on the same page, which can be a problem when everyone is miles away from each other.

Consider New Realities

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If you cannot avoid having a physical event, then you need to consider the various changes to people’s behavior. For example, the décor and interior design of your event venue need to take into account that people will be hesitant about being packed together. You will want a place with wider spacing. You should also keep in mind that venues that used to house more people will likely see their occupancy levels halved. For example, a conference hall that used to be for 200 occupants may only be good for 100 occupants now. Besides that, there might be local regulations still in place that would stop super-large gatherings.

Onsite logistics will also focus more on safety and hygiene. There should be sanitizing stations all over the place as well as a clean-up crew that is just as large as security. Additionally, you might consider how you will provide food and drink to all of your attendees.

Expect A Smaller Budget

Another major issue that you will have to get used to is that you will likely have a smaller budget. Many people have been hit hard by the pandemic. People will likely be tightening their belts for some time before they spend big money again on various things. This can affect your spending power and your potential guests. For yourself, you need to face the fact that you may need to focus on essentials while skipping on other parts. As for your guests, this means that they might have limited means of attendance and paying for various fees. Don’t expect them to pay for several days at a hotel so easily anymore. Consider this in your planning so that people will be more likely to attend.

After the pandemic, any mass event is going to be thinking about COVID restrictions. Even if it is much safer by then, it is better safe than sorry. Taking the extra time and effort to plan properly can help ensure that people attending your event will be able to appreciate it properly.

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