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10 Reasons to Give Photography Tips on Your Photography Website

Cell-phone photography is the most popular kind of photography today. Almost everyone has a cell phone, and smartphones all have cameras. If you have a photography business, you compete against casual photographers who use cell phones for selfies. It might sound counter-intuitive, but you are attracting more visitors when you provide photography tips on your site.

Photo-taking tips are perfect for affiliate marketing. You don’t have to sell your own products or services. All you need is access to photography equipment that you can use to take pictures of before and after examples, something like a smartphone lens kit.

There are many reasons giving photography tips is good for business.

1. You can get more visitors to your site

People love learning about photography. If you provide them with tutorials, they will want to learn more from you. But don’t get carried away with giving too much information because people will feel overwhelmed and won’t return to your site. You have to provide just enough information for them to learn something from you and then take action. You can add an HTML5 smart video player using software.

2. It works as a bribe for email list-building

When people subscribe to your website’s mailing list, it means they are interested in buying your products or services. But how do you convince them? You can give them a freebie or bribe, like a photo-taking ebook as an incentive for them to sign up.

3. It works as a reward

After you have successfully built your subscriber’s list, you can send them rewards if they purchase from you—something like free shipping, discounts, and the likes. But don’t just do it on a whim. Make sure that you have given them some information first so that they know what to do for the reward.

4. It builds trust

Your readers will feel more connected with you and trust you more, which is another reason they will keep coming back to your site. You can tell them about your background and experience so that they can relate to you. You can also tell them about your struggles and how you overcame them so that they will look at you as a mentor.

5. It is a catalyst for making a sale

You may not directly say that buying your product or service can help with photo-taking, but having those tips on your site means more than just giving information to your visitors. You also let them know that you are an expert in photography, which is another way of saying your product or service is perfect for them.

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6. It gives you more content to work with

You are already giving tips on how to take photos using your smartphone’s camera, but you can also provide analysis on the photos themselves. You can share your thoughts on what makes a good photo great to you and give examples. Such analysis won’t be possible if you don’t have a website or blog where you can post the full-resolution photos, plus a download link for them.

7. It adds value to your product or service

When people see uses for your product or service, it is more likely for them to make a purchase. If you already have the photos on your site, you can easily add value to your services by providing official camera equipment reviews. For example, if you sell mobile phone lenses and attach-ons, you can also include comparisons between two or more kinds of cameras with different lens options.

8. It positions you as an authority in photography

When you have lots of people reading your daily photo blog posts, it is more likely that they will see you as an authority in photography. You can use this to your advantage by also providing tips on how to start a photography business.

9. It increases the number of links to your site

If your website is popular on search engines, you can earn more opportunities for people to visit your site. You can do this by posting new photos daily or weekly. The best way to get backlinks is to find other websites that talk about photography and ask them if they want to share photos from your blog. If they like your pictures, they will be more than happy to do it.

10. You can also increase the number of subscribers to your email list

People who regularly visit your site are not only interested in taking photos but also in reading about photography. They can easily subscribe to your email list if you promise to send them regular updates about photography, like the best camera deals of the week, for example.

By giving your website’s visitors photography tips, they will likely return to your site again and again. They will also be more than willing to share links on their social media accounts or send links to friends, which is another way to increase traffic to your site.

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