Must-have Videos for Boosting Your Website’s SEO Position

All companies nowadays know the essence of an online presence in profit making. They will thus often spare no expense in putting together the best website possible. Unfortunately, most forget one of the elements that now has the biggest impact on the online market: video. Online marketing primarily relies on appealing to an audience’s senses. Videos will appeal to the senses of sight and hearing, unlike other elements that appeal to only the sense of sight. They are more engaging, and they get your message across faster than images and text.

Without a video production agency from Manchester to handle the videos on your online marketing platforms, however, video might be the worst element for your company. Poorly shot and edited videos will paint your brand only in the poorest light and make it a challenge for search engines to index or crawl your site. Expertly handled ones, on the other hand, will get your site to the top of search engines in no time and with minimal effort. Here are some of the must-have videos for your website to transform traffic from other platforms into paying clients:

Background Videos

These are generally used within a website’s top banner and feature no audio. They run for 30 to 60 seconds and enable your online traffic to connect with your company’s culture or team and get a glimpse of what your business does. You can also use a background video to entertain guests and keep them on your site, thus boosting your SEO rank. The production of background videos is fortunately inexpensive since there are no voice overs or licensed music or audio included. Also, the clips are short.

“About Us” Videos

company video

These showcase your company, and they run for two to four minutes with voice-overs and on-camera interviews included. They are a deep dive, allowing audiences to personally connect with your brand through a behind-the-scenes look of your organization. “About us” videos give you a platform to entertain your audience and give your audience a reason to choose your brand. Though costly, they assure you of high ROI when done right.

Video Loops

These give a subtle yet personal touch to your website. They comprise behind-the-scenes snippets of your organization and some tidbits from a team member. Clients will be attracted to the motion of a video loop, and the personality showcased on your site will boost their engagement to your site. Video loops are inexpensive since they use only a white or green background and require a few takes.


These are also meant to grab a client’s attention and keep them longer on your website. They are basically still images that will play in a seemingly never-ending loop, typically in the background of your website’s content. You can showcase your products along with their prices in cinemagraphs.

The types of videos mentioned above will undoubtedly make a considerable impact on your bottom line in online marketing. You can, however, not have the same video running over and over since this will make you look dull. With a long-term contract with the best video production company, you can get new videos time and again to keep your site interesting.

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