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What Makes a Home Worth Living? Here’s What to Consider

What makes a home worth living? If you ask people, you will receive different answers: living alone, living with family, the home exteriors or interiors, living with friends, living with animals, and so on. These are varied answers according to the needs and preferences of the people. As times change, their needs and preferences also change. Or their needs might change, but their preferences remain the same.

Living with Your Family

Building a family is what most people dream of. Their definition of a home revolves around their kids and wife. It’s something that makes them look forward to going home. As soon as they get home, their kids would run to them and greet them with a kiss or two, and their stress would dissipate. Then they find the dining table ready with their favorite dinner meal that their spouse prepares.

For people who desire to have a family someday, this makes the home worth living for them. They can live in a small house, yet the warmth would still be there. This can be yours, too, if you desire to have a family someday.

Aesthetically Appealing Home Interiors and Exteriors

Some would consider the home interiors and exteriors as their major criteria for what makes a home worth living. The home interior is composed of a balance between the colors, volumes, and styles of different decors. They can be a stylish sofa, the artwork, stylish lighting, colors, or the lighting itself. They make the entire space aesthetic and breathable.

Other people may be more particular with the home exteriors. They might prioritize the outside appearance of the home rather than the interior. In addition, they might be firm believers of a good first impression. The front porch, front yard, and well-groomed bushes are expected to be appealing.

Living Alone

Some people find peace and happiness when they live alone. The ability to move freely and just be yourself is enough to make the home worth living. They don’t have to seek a roommate’s approval before decorating the space. Freedom is their main priority because they need their space. And true enough, there is no absolute freedom when you have a roommate because there’s a feeling of being watched or judged.

Living alone gives you time to reflect and get to know yourself more. Furthermore, it gives you a sense that you are in control of your life. So, if this sounds good to you and is within your budget, then living alone might be for you.

Living with Friends

For these people, there is no greater joy than living with your friends. These people have grown so comfortable with their friends that they consider sharing their space with them. They don’t mind the mess, the noise, and the sleepless nights that come with it. It can be one of the best experiences in life if you prefer a crowded space.

Living with friends has been found to increase a person’s sense of purpose and belongingness. This setup is not for everyone because it might be noisier or messier for them. Before you decide to live with your friends, you must assess whether they are a good influence on you because they can heavily influence your habits.

Living with Animals

Some people prefer the company of animals over humans. For them, animals are not complicated, kinder, and a better company than humans. Studies show that living with pets helps increase the owner’s socialization skills. If you are one of these people, you should be aware of your allergies to certain animals because they can cause serious damage and even death. You should choose ones that are within your budget, including veterinary care and food.

Home is where the heart is. You can only consider it home if you love living in it. That’s why there are plenty of living arrangements because it’s what makes the space worth living for them. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to what we prefer, and that’s what makes us unique. A person’s preferred living arrangement can stem from their personality and from the way they were raised. That is something that cannot be taken away or changed.

Living arrangements are different for everyone because they have to cater to various necessities and desires. And there is nothing wrong with a particular living arrangement because it’s where they are happy. It may not be for us, but it doesn’t mean that it’s unacceptable. It just means it’s what fits their personality and what fills them with happiness.

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