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Learning Music? It All Starts with Finding a Good Teacher

Are you or your child interested in taking music lessons? Learning musical skills is a rich and rewarding journey. Your progress will not only depend on practice and dedication, but on how effective your music teacher is in helping develop your skills. For this reason, it’s crucial to find a great teacher who can work best with you or your child.

If you’re looking to take music lessons in Lehi, here are some practical tips in finding the right teacher:

1. Get Recommendations from Friends

Start by asking your friends if they know any good music teacher. More often than not, we feel more comfortable hiring instructors when our friends or neighbors recommend them. At the same time, people generally do not refer to services when they have an unpleasant experience.

If you prefer at-home sessions, it would be good to ask if the teacher is available for lessons in your area. Alternatively, if you prefer going to a school or designated venue, it would help if the location is not too far. Either way, take note of recommendations and make a list of at least three prospective music teachers.

2. Contact Schools or Music Conservatories

If taking word-of-mouth referrals don’t work, get in touch with the nearest school or music conservatory in your area. You can check online for the school’s official contact details and give them a call. If your child will be taking the lessons, you can ask for their school to refer to a trusted music instructor.

Teachers at conservatories rarely teach beginners. If they do, they often charge expensive sessions. However, music students at conservatories usually make excellent teachers. Many of them are also looking for teaching experience, and are commonly eager to teach beginners as well as children.

Music students are well-immersed in musical arts, and are likely to apply what they teach. If you’re open to hiring a music student, you should take the time to assess their teaching style to see if they can work with you.

3. Interview the Instructor: Do a Background Check

Once you’ve found a prospective music teacher, take the time to know them. Meet them personally to do a background check of their education and teaching experience. Here, you can ask about teaching certifications, especially if they are a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM).

Another good credential to have is the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). However, take note that not all well-trained music teachers can work well with you. It boils down to a combination of teaching styles and personalities. People are different, so it’s best to find someone who connects well with you.

Moreover, be wary of teachers who may charge a suspiciously low fee. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. You want to make sure you get quality music lessons from a knowledgeable and highly skilled instructor.

4. Assess If You’re Comfortable with Their Teaching Style

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Now that you’re sure about the teacher’s background and qualifications, it’s time to probe into their teaching style. This part can either make or break your decision to hire an instructor.

Many private music teachers provide free trial lessons for students, and it’s a wise idea to take them. During the trial, you’ll get a feel of how the teacher conducts classes, if they communicate in a manner that resonates well with you, and if their teaching methods keep you engaged. You’ll also get a sense of whether or not you feel comfortable taking piano, guitar, or voice lessons with the teacher.

If your child is the one taking the class, ask them if they like the instructor. Sometimes, you may like one teacher over the instructor they like best. In this case, let your child make a choice. After all, they will be the one interacting with the teacher every week.

Learning musical skills are a wonderful opportunity, so make sure to find the right music teacher who works well with you. There’s so much to learn, so don’t just settle for any teacher out there.


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