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Arts and Riches: Making the Most of Your Instagram Side Hustle

The world is evolving. People spend more hours in cyberspace than outside their homes. As technology develops, it is getting easier to get everything you need online. Many argue that this creates unhealthy lifestyles. But there are always two sides to every story and you’re about to hear an amazing one.

Contrary to popular belief, the increase of time spent online can be a great thing if properly taken advantage of.

More and more companies are starting to lean on digital marketing. The word-of-mouth marketing strategy is overtaking traditional means of advertising. Social media influencers have become one of the primary targets for brand marketing. Your average Micro-Influencer with ten thousand to a million followers earns 250 to 250, 000 USD per Instagram post. 250, 000 dollars!

And as technology develops, people constantly grow dependent on cyberspace. This means there are more opportunities for you to take advantage of and earn as much as you want.

But before becoming the Social Media Marketing God that you are destined to be, here are some important things to consider to have a strong start:

Work on your content

Instagram used to be a simple platform for creative expression. It started as an online social bank for photography and expanded to video editing, visual blogging, and even digital marketing. Now, there are over one billion users in the world. And ironically,  with one billion users, visibility is even harder to achieve.

You have to establish your identity

Take the time to know your niche. Focus on what you enjoy doing and look for the target audience who can enjoy it with you. Find the perfect spot between relevance and entertainment. Understand who you are and what you can offer. This way, your audience would know what to expect and companies within your niche would find you easier.

Work on your aesthetic

Instagram is, above all, a visual enterprise

The first thing anyone will see is your aesthetic. You are what your IG page looks like. And it will be judged.

  • Choose a theme. Imagine a mood board that’s come to life. Your profile’s theme would direct your target audience towards you.
  • Do your research. Consumers usually remember products based on how they look like. Once you’ve determined who you want to cater to, checking their accounts might actually help you work on how you want to look. Make your page relatable and engaging by using your target audience’s preferences.
  • Minimalist, vintage, and monochromatic themes often give off a professional vibe. Pastel, seasonal, and bright-colored themes usually come off as playful and welcoming.  Whatever you choose, make sure it’s consistent. There’s nothing more painful to look at than poorly combined color palettes.
  • Get help from the pros. For those who have the drive but lack skills, it is not the end of the world. It’s actually pretty common for aspiring influencers to hire professionals to make their artistic vision a reality. Even seasoned content creators are now tapping photographers and editors. As long as you have the idea, it’s okay to let others work on the delivery.

phone photography

Food content creators work with chefs and critics to give their page an authentic vibe. Event and bridal influencers collaborate with professional wedding videographers. If you want to be a fashion-centered influencer, partnering up with stylists is the way to go. Motivational content creators add validity to their posts with professional writers’ help. The internet is making the world smaller. Maximize it by looking for the right people to succeed with.

Having a lot of followers is only the start. Work on your interactions.

Be caption-savvy

One of the best ways to initiate interaction is through engaging captions. Your contents’ captions deliver an informational punch. It’s how you mold your voice and views. Writing down “it gets better” under a picture of a rainbow might be cliche but it could also mean everything to a follower who’s having the worst day of her life. Instagram is, above all, a visual enterprise. The image that you choose to upload gets the users to look at you. But your caption is what will get them engaged.

Create an interactive community

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes content with a higher engagement rate. Influencers who interact with their audience usually end up going viral on other social media platforms. Take time to invest in your digital visibility. Talk about timely issues. Take a stand. Use yourself as a platform where your people can safely express themselves.  Use yourself as a platform where your people can support each other. Interact and let your followers do your marketing for you.

Nowadays, living without the internet is almost impossible. You use it to express and entertain yourself. You use it to earn money. But who said you can’t do them all at the same time?

With the insight provided by this guide, there’s nothing else to do but start. Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight, but it won’t happen at all if you never try.

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