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How Art is Used in the Business Setting

Art can be used in a myriad of ways in the business world. However, not everyone is aware of how it is being incorporated into the corporate setting. The following article will explore some of the ways art has been successfully utilized by businesses today.

1. Art is used as a source of inspiration for new products.

Many artists and designers work closely with marketers and engineers to bring ideas into reality. There are many examples of new products that were inspired directly by art. For example, some car manufacturers hire artists to paint cars, while others incorporate design concepts from fine arts and use them as models for their cars. The concept of having a multi-sensory experience in a car is something that has come from fine arts and subsequently influenced the automotive industry.

2. Art is used to create a unique brand image.

A company’s brand image can be developed to show its identity in the marketplace. There are many ways that a product or service can differentiate itself from its competitors, and art can be used to accomplish this. A good example of this form of differentiation is the Tiffany & Company logo, whose color scheme was copied by other companies because it conveyed luxury and elegance.

3. Art is utilized to create a positive association with the brand.

When a company uses art as part of its advertisements, it can create a more favorable image for itself among consumers. In some cases, companies will use commissioned artwork to depict certain themes that are important to their brand. For example, Starbucks Coffee regularly commissions local artists to design posters that are given away to customers. By doing this, they are able to associate themselves with local artists and convey their image as a company that is in touch with its consumers.

4. Art can be used in marketing campaigns

One of the most common and well-known uses of art in business is the fact that it can be used in marketing campaigns. There are three elements to consider when using art for marketing purposes: The artwork itself, what it symbolizes or means, and how people will interpret it. For example, when businesses use in-store digital displays to advertise their products, artwork depicting nature is often used. This demonstrates the business’ commitment to eco-friendliness and the health of the natural world they are a part of. Whether customers can interpret this message consciously or not, the imagery itself tells the story in a powerful way.

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5. Art can be used to help employees feel more engaged at work

Another way that companies use art in the workplace is by creating an environment where employees feel more engaged. This can decrease turnover and create a more welcoming environment for potential customers. For example, one architectural firm has an open studio space with monitors to project the work of local artists. This allows employees to be inspired by art while also engaging them in their company’s business activities.

6. Art is used as an employee retention tool.

A study showed that employees who feel valued stayed at the company longer than those who didn’t feel appreciated. One of the ways that a company can show employees they are valued is by hiring artists to design murals for their offices. Doing this makes them feel more a part of the corporate culture, and increases their sense of belonging in the workplace.

7. Art is used as a means of expression for companies’ core values.

When people want to express an idea in the most effective way possible, art is one of their best options. By using art, companies can convey their message in a creative and beautiful way that engages the viewer on an emotional level. Their core values are expressed through the artwork that they display. This can be seen in places like Facebook, whose offices are decorated with art by local artists, and Disney, which has partnered with various non-profit organizations to design street art for their parks.

8. Music is also being used everywhere in business.

The use of music in business extends beyond the stage. Instead, it is being used as a way to conceive ideas, call employees to action, and establish company identity.

Though it’s been around for centuries, art is still being used in a variety of ways in the business setting. From creating a positive association with the brand to increasing employee retention, businesses are finding that art is an invaluable tool. In some cases, such as with marketing campaigns and expressing core values, art can be more effective than words alone. As technology advances, we can only expect to see more businesses using innovative methods like music and digital screens to incorporate art into their operations.

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