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 you can't miss the yellow house!

below you can also enjoy some of the wonderful displays from open days as well as some more recent in-situ pictures of the work. enjoy!

the yellow house 2013
watch out for the canary yellow bunting!
ken eardley - new storage jars
the yellow house
the yellow house featured in the spectator - 2013
good day - papercut owls
rich reds
we're open!
alphabet prints
helen musselwhite papercuts
ken eardley at the new house
a cosy corner in the sun
regency houses
protection dome - 385
summer plover
beautiful flowers
the perfect fireplace
figuratively speaking....
popular enamel panels
ceramics from vienna
a flock of birds from vienna
westerly garden

beachy head print
chinese lanterns
floral studs
mary fellows prints
hoopoe ceramic tile
angel wings
paintings & prints
a band of little men
royal throne of kings - print
round jugs
fondant fancies
apple eye man and friend
hand-etched jewelery
asian atmospheres

pip & pen are the stars
marine assemblage
open house 2011
bon voyage
boats at dungeness
ceramics & textiles
box-head lady
it's a flowery sight
a treat for the eyes
jehane boden spiers
kitchen capers
we love these quaver birds
you are my happy ending
as featured in she magazine sept 2011
yellow house featured in she magazine sept 2011

albert chair - we'd all love to have one!
seedhead by janine partington
the perfect pair
luxurious hand-made cushions
we love the bird design!
the living room 2010
butterfly resting
the bathroom fleet
the yellow house 2010
dragonflies & mermaids
the beautiful tree
we love this frame!
aluminium thumbnail rings
mary fellows - made in england
knitted union jack cushions
french gray kitchen
perfect combinations
asterisk necklace
lady with wide skirt
ken eardley ceramics
janet bell & more
complimentary collections
i wonder if you think about me.....
trellis bird
exceptional draughtsmanship
natural surfaces
open house 2010
kitchen with ken eardley
bbc homes & antiques feature
a favourite at the open house 2010
orchids & st michaels mount
dog house - a firm favourite
low tide
selection of collages & prints by jane robbins
featuring 'henry'
with the lovely janes - jane robbins & jane muir
a visit from fiona; bbc tv south today -  may 2010
melanie arrives with 'henry'

teaset with dimple cups
set of bespoke hand-made cushions
set of bespoke hand-made cushions
ceramics  by jane muir
floral echinacea bowls
st petersburg painting and karin eriksson ceramics
ghost ship at the edge of the world & little man

margo selby woven textiles
margo selby woven textiles
allium garden sculptures
ceramic lady with bird & tree decoration
ken eardley ceramics 'pinch jugs'
still life studies by alison rankin
brighton festival poster 1996

unique paper shoes
silver scroll earrings
beautiful butterfly
delicate tea-lights - ceramics
ceramic lamp bases - dandelion & 2 spot designs
between the trees - textile on canvas
ceramic chimes & painting by katty mcmurray

the full mix
spot the mad rabbit!
a quiet corner (acrylic on canvas)
the dining room 2006
bird head
sue haseltine 2006
becky's boats with jane's heads
becky blair and jane muir 2006
jehane and lukas 2006
jane muir with lukas 2006
fun garden with little men & an elephant too
lounge view, 2006
who needs paint with wonderful wall pots
snail man in amongst the flowers
jane muir & jehane boden spiers 2006

judith rowe ceramics
dramatic contrasts in the lilac room
asian colours mix with wacky ceramics
the dining room 2005
dramatic paintings & rich cushions
take your pick
the living room 2005

karin in the kitchen!
indoor hanging chimes
rich reds
yummy cushions
complimentary colours
by the sea
white with intricate roseways
jump in!
the blue bedroom gets a burst of colour
light, airy and full of colour
anna-maria desogus 2004
the perfect way to fill a wall!
subtle blues mix with bright flowers
the living room 2004
stunning glass creations

lovely ceramics
men with hats
flower-head lady
come and browse - 2003
bird-tree and ceramic man in the garden
busy open days - 2003
view original artwork - the yellow house 2003
alphabet man - ready to go!
salt and pepper!!
beautiful birds
hand-etched silverwork
brighten up any home
asian influences
asian influences

lara aldridge glass
the yellow house 2002
passion flags from 2002
creative crocks!
pick your favourite pendant
imperial jewels
the brighton juggling store